we are straddling seasons.

This heatwave has got to people, it's all strappy tops and requests for peonies.

I am wanting to put the Halloween window in, but it seems highly inappropriate given the temperature and burning sunshine.

It's a Hitchcock theme this year.

A high five to anyone that guesses which film.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...The Birds come to mind

Kay said...

it sounds obvious and i am taking a clue from your pics today....'the birds'??..i like your style though on passing one 'lifestyle' shop yesterday they had the christmas tree plus lights on...what!!.seriously though it is too hot, for florists and flowers..

KELLY said...

too hot. i know i'll be wishing it back soon but we have taken to hiding indoors with our lollies. crazy weather. great for the laundry though!

i love those wood slices. we have some that i kept...with what i am convinced is a picture of a tree at the centre.

window sounds wonderful btw. x

Mrs T-J said...

Love,love loving the weather, work feels superfluous and Pimms a necessity if not a reality.

The Birds also springs to mind as its the only one apart from Psycho, I really know and I dont suppose a shower and dagger scene in the window would be great for business, very daring though!

Beautiful flowers as ever Miss P xxx

horse care courses said...

Well I don't see a shower curtain. Have I missed a phone? Golly are those "bird" talons a clue?

Sue A said...

Can't guess the film, but will you be 'tweeting' about it. (forgive me, it was out there).