Divine inspiration

I have just popped into the antique bookshop next door and found a huge pile of beautiful books. Jim the owner of said bookshop has told me their tale. Then we had a quick chat about the Indian Grand Prix.
Back in the 1950's, a group of men decided to put together a series of books on Natural History. They got Collins the publishers on board, and then hunted out all the experts in various genres and made them write books.

I have a romantic notion of these men, sitting around all Mad Men style smoking cigarettes in a gentlemans' club and getting all passionate about entomology. Swoon.

The book jackets were illustrated by a husband and wife team, Clifford and Rosemary Ellis. I don't know how illustrating as a team works? Does one draw and the other colour in?

also for those of you that didn't get the Geof thing, go directly to 2.54 minutes in.

Today's crush is Bruce Wayne. Again the one on the right.

Also if you reside in the UK it is a Kilner jar not a Mason jar.


Unknown said...

The entymologists do sound a bit swoony.

You got me all confused about the jars - my kilner jars have got orange rubber seals and those flippy tops and my mason jars have plain screw tops, no rubber. Different beasts, both lovely but my fave of all are German - Leifheit jars. Gorgeous. Clearly slightly obsessed by glass jars but there we are.

Mrs T-J said...

Night Jars are my fave kind of jar but definitely not made of glass, very rare, likely to be found in the Birds & Men book by E.M Nicholson. Fab, quirky post Miss P xxx

Becca said...


What the F. stop is Burlap when it at home?

Sacking people. It's just sacking.

Oh and whilst we're at it....OPAL FRUITS people. OPAL FRUITS

Mrs T-J said...

Becca are you playing scrabble otherwise I am most confused? Never been good at cryptic stuff, the Times never invented it for the likes of me! xxx

Becca said...

Scrabble? Now I am confused.

Kay said...

ahhhhh!!! if you had said ace of cakes i'd have got it...xx