No matter where I roam

I will come back to my English rose
For no bonds can ever tempt me from she
I've sailed the seven seas,
Flown the whole blue sky.
But I've returned with haste
To where my love does lie.

Nothing more poetic than a bit of The Jam

We are roaming away from roses, time for some non-floral florals.

Some for a wedding, and some just because.

The chocolate cosmos arrives tomorrow.

Thank you for all the web advice, a lot of you are all out there doing your own thing.

and on another note, is it wrong to fancy Geof from Charm City Cakes?  I have discovered The Food Network is on Freeview.

He is the one on the right.


crazymoose said...

I love Geof too, the fact he spells it with just the one f makes me love him more.

loveandlilac said...

I didn't know the Food Network was on Freeview so I've yet to discover Geof's charms, but we're all entitled to our guilty pleasures. Personally I've carried a torch for Jason Orange for years.

domestikate said...

Oh, doesn't everyone fancy Geog, in spite of the unlikely spelling of his name?! The perfectionism, the sarcasm ... what's not to love?!

Aisling said...

I LOVE Geof. LOVE him I tell you.

Kay said...

thanks for the jam link..paul weller has to be the coolest man on the planet... geof who???..x

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Your photos are gorgeous!

sarah // SELVA floral design said...

i love your non florals today...they are just as important and beautiful as the true florals :)

cara said...

Beautiful. I have some of that second one down sitting on my fireplace right now. I heart it.