Go west

You can choose from the Pet Shop Boys or the actual band.

You know you are going to have a good day in London when your train ticket is stamped with a butterfly.
The reach of Martha Stewart knows no bounds.

Rendez-vous's with brilliant brides, site visits, (i can't wait to get my hands on this place), and consultations held in old haunts.

Then onward to The Garden Museum, both for a site visit and a book launch. Two birds with one stone.

Clara wore a Mama Cass inspired vintage number, I wore the glitter shoes. Everybody else wore green or brown. Finally a chance to meet Mr West. Such fun.

The book is lovely, as the name would suggest, it's the story of an allotment. A little instructional, a little cookbook, but it is the human story that has me sneering at customers interrupting my reading of it this morning.

The characters of the allotments, and the personal final chapter.

There followed a discussion on allotments, what the future held for them, waiting lists, the average age of an allotmenteer that sort of thing. Will the current trend of grow your own whilst wearing Boden and sipping tea from an enamel mug in a bunting decked shed last? Does this really happen? Or is it a myth portrayed by the lifestyle catalogues wanting to increase sales of red wellington boots?

Given the location the chat was mainly of city allotments, where there will always be a demand for extra productive land. What of the allotments in rural areas? where we all have gardens and went a bit Alys Fowler and started growing veg in amongst the shrubbery. There are some near my home, i might have a wander down with my camera and find out. In a photo journalist styley.

Do you have an allotment?  Do you have a secret photo jourmalist styley blog?

The Hound installed himself in the guest wing Chez Mother Hen and The Captain. The perfect vantage point for catwatch.

The book is out now, you can buy it on Amazon, or be old school and buy it in a bookshop. or watch a video of the plot instead. It involves a cat. The Hound has watched it 327 times.


Primchick said...

Good old Marther, what ever next? perhaps doily edged tickets... :oP

Mrs Jones said...

We have an extra walled garden - rented from Burghley estates - opposite that regency terrace in town the houses with the balconies. As yet it is unloved - but I have plans of vegetables, flowers, a forest school and a shed with bunting. I shall probably be wearing Boden - but I need new wellies - mine have a hole in them.

TumbleTwitch said...

Ooh, a new gardening book to add to my collection!

As a rural allotment holder I can safely say there isn't a scrap of bunting or stitch of Boden on our site. I think it is all safely stashed away in the twee cottage gardens of our village. Away from any real mud.

I think the average age of the plot holder is about 106 and they are like anti vampires and only come out between 6am and 10am.


P.S The Hound looking dashing as ever.

cw said...

Thank you Miss P. It was good to meet you. Slightly disappointed not to meet the hound. Not sure how they feel about pets at the GM but we could probably have rustled up a pair of dark glasses for you and a stick. Another time.

Mrs T-J said...

It will be going on Mama in laws Christmas list, thank you for the inspiration Miss P. Really enjoyed today's blog and the pics of old London town xxx