Alpine village

Jam jars are not just for flowers.

Better pictures next week, and how-to's. Snow globes and everything.

In the meantime, a hooray to anybody who guess which publication i am doing a little project for tomorrow.

I should be assimilating bits and pieces and sharpening my scissors, instead i am obsessing over what to wear.

Suggestion so far has been "tits and tweed"

Business as usual then.

and drive like the wind Mr Hamilton, and don't get back together with Nicole. No good ever came from going backwards, especially given your chosen profession.


Mrs T-J said...

Miss P you really make me chuckle, elements of comic genius in the post. "Tits and Tweed"? Sounds a bit Miss Marple, mind you she never did cleavage did she? just buxom, maybe thats your angle? xxx

Mammamsterdam said...

OK, I guess tomorrowo I am going tweed-shopping.

onemoreshoes said...

the pics are beautiful!!!


o n e m o r e s h o e s

Anonymous said...

Is it Nuts magazine? Can I have my "hooray" now please?