Be young, be foolish, but be happy.

Pheasants and foliage are the new rock and roll.

Actual fact.

And as i lurch towards another birthday the song by The Tams is my new mantra.

Safe in the knowledge that i have spent an entire year thinking i am older than i am.

I am still young, just.


Lotte and Bloom said...

oh, callicarpa. how i love that little devil

Primchick said...

You are as young as you feel
dar-l-ing..... :oP

Jen said...

Love the little purple berries. Hoping you'll share pictures of the shop decorations...

flwrjane said...

Be all of that and then some BUT don't wear plaid, I beg of you, the Tams have scarred me for life.

Lurch away lovely. Off to FB to check on actual birthday 9 though i don't know why i think you would have it listed...)

xo Jane