If you pay top dollar they are the size of saucers. Like peonies, i can never work out how all that flower fits into such a small bud.

and if you buy 100 bright pink ones, there will be, in amongst them one red, one purple.

It's the law.

and a camel and a giraffe watch a penguin dance.

It will all become clear next week. Promise.

and if anybody wanted to take me here for a few days, i would be totally fine with it.

Also anemone is one of those words that i have to google the spelling of every time.

and today i have big hair and am wearing a cocktail ring.



cara said...

Anemones are my favourites. Or Anemenemonies. As I'm wont to call them.

Mrs Burgess said...

I have trouble saying anemone, let alone spelling it.

Mother Hen said...

Flowers gorgeous, Balancing Barn, a little modern for your usual taste Miss P? I however couldn't possibly stay there as there appears to be a paucity of a hot tap xxx

Jen said...

Spectacular anemones! Love the dance--can't wait for next week's pictures.