I watch your pretty life play out in pictures from afar

Mr John Mayer. Swoon.

Christmas is at the top of our list. The window is being prepared, i had a light bulb moment this morning, which will take some time to implement.

So we are trying to formulate something as a temporary measure. The Hound is getting tangled up in fairy lights, trying to recreate last year's card. He thinks it's a hoot. It isn't.

His little saluki head has been made much bigger by the fact that we have sold out of The Hound cards. More are on the way.

Christmas is a double edged sword for florists, a chance to make all sorts of wonderment, but also a busy time, that means we never get to go to any parties.

and more importantly it detracts from my birthday.

The photographs are of things going  into the super window, and proof that you don't need a tilt-shift lens.

Just photograph very small things.

Also what do you have in your windows?

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Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

On their way Miss P