How to make snowglobes a la Miss P.

Such fun, steal your children's toys and put them in jam jars.

Collect random toys or Christmas cake toppers, and save up your jars with lids. Wash them all nicely.

Make purchase of glycerin and glitter.

Using a glue gun stick the toy to the lid of the jar, ensuring the toy fits in the jar. Sounds obvious, but check...

Fill the jar with distilled water, boiled water allowed to cool. Add a glug of the glycerin, and a teaspoon of glitter. You can use too much glitter. I have proof of this. You also need to make sure the items are colourfast, otherwise you will end up with turquoise water. I have proof of this too.

Martha doesn't tell you this.

Screw on the lid.

You have yourself a snowglobe. The glitter might clump at first, but a couple of shakes and you are away.

I like using very tall jars and small toys.

Negative space is so cool.

guaranteed to hold the attention of a small child for 45 seconds, and a 30 something florist for a good couple of hours.


Claud said...

No hound snow globe :-(?!

Freda said...

Brilliant! Especially like that you mention all possible glitches..

flwrjane said...

Martha's sounds much more workey.

I might have try one if I can find some glycerin....I know I'll send the driver out.

Fun's on here.

xo J.

Jen said...

I love these! Where do I find glycerin? Maybe I can borrow some from jane.

Amanda (Small Acorns) said...

We've been having the best time making snowglobes which funnily enough don't look disimilar to yours! We have monkeys, cowboys and indians, many birds, penguins etc too, and they are so cool and such fun!

Primchick said...

Oooo Miss P... is there nothing you can't do... !? :oP

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You are so creative Miss P. Is there "snow" end to your talent LOL

Marie said...

Brilliant. Now all I need is some children so I can steal their toys.