How to wear flowers in your hair - Christmas Special

It's Christmas, it's time to go big.

You will need
Heavy gauge wire, big enough to go around your head, or 2 bits twisted together.
Fine reel wire
Buttonhole tape, the paper crepe one not the rubbery one. It's horrid.

You will also need
Christmas foliage, bits of the Christmas tree
A jasmine plant or an ivy plant or other trailingness

Tape the heavy gauge wire
Lay the foliage and flowers against the wire and reel them on.
Keep going
Lay a piece of foliage or pussy willow over softer stems to prevent the wire cutting through the stem.
Keep going.
Tape the ends for a smart finish.
Bend wire into circle
Put on head
or around the neck of a passing dog.

The last picture is Becca, who came on our Christmas flower school, and made flowers for her hair. Doesn't she look happy and festive?

You could also reel onto an alice band.

The world is your oyster.

Go forth.


flwrjane said...

I'm sorry is that an amaryllis on your head?

And that's Becca?

Well I'm off to work and will make myself head flowers immediately!

xo J.

Someone who is most definately NOT Becca said...

Who is that good looking chick at the end?

Unknown said...

You ladies look lovely and all, but the Hound, he looks magnifique!!

Mrs Beard said...

Pickering, stop being shy, get someone to take a photo of you with your complete face in it.

The flowers are very beautiful, obvs.

Alex Tarling said...

Here's my version, only boring old chrysanths- sorry! http://alextarling.posterous.com/dont-let-a-festive-flower-arranger-get-bored