I wonder if they teach this at floristry college?

Because they should.

I like to think there is a lesson, just after the one where they teach you how to thread pearls onto bear grass.

Rule 1. Never ask a wife if she enjoyed the large romantic bouquet that her husband came into buy.

Because it isn't always for her.

You always wait for her to mention it first.


Florists are a lot like concierges.


Mrs B said...

Too true....sadly without the tips

London Bride said...

It seems it's not just hairdressers that know people's secrets then!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Gawd. Concierge central here at Bow Street Flowers.

Becca said...

Golly. Everyone jumping to conclusions....

It could be for his Mum or his secretary. It's Christmas....men buy other women stuff at Christmas. I have to step in to prevent my beloved's secretary being given a pencil sharpener or a mathematical tool.

I am enjoying my last day of anonimity in Lonion. Soon I will be as famous as Mr Naylor.

Young Blooms Florists said...

Mmm your so right! I'm learning you should never ask to many questions cause they just bring too many awkward moments!!

Mrs T-J said...

Miss P of course is the soul of! xxx

Mrs Beard said...

Concierges are amazing.

But not all that discreet after a bottle of bubbles.

A marvellous concierge friend of mine who has worked at the Dorchester forever once told me that the only things he could not obtain were a live goat or a dead baby.