Love drunk

You and I would die sober
I’m in this for forever and a day

Don't go
Don't leave
Please stay with me
You are the only thing i need to get by, get by.

Wretch 32 on a loop, plus he is hot.

December arrived on a juggernaut. Blogging is the sacrificial lamb.
I have manged to kill the ficus in my sitting room - 4 weeks.
Thank you for all the emails, my birthday is this Wednesday, but has been cancelled due to lack of time.
I have rediscovered the joy that is Chablis.
and cashmere scarves
especially when they belong to a boy.
and i had a word with The Hound about his lack of blogging.
he said


Cloggins said...

I adore the 3rd image from the bottom.

Becca said...

We'll make time tomorrow. I'll pick up a cake on the way.

Amelia said...

Oh don't ignore your birthday, you deserve it. Toast it with some of that new found Chablis. Happy birthday, and yes the Hound needs to catch up on his blogging.

Liza said...

Happy Birthday Lady P, hope the flowers echo the sentiment to you on Wednesday :)

flwrjane said...

'k Becca gets the cake I bring the champagne.

Party Rock on loop please.

xo Jane

Martin & the Magpie said...

Happy birthday to you!!...we have also got that rising panic which is christmas.....see you in January!! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

I will call you later x

Dave said...

You'd have thought the recent threat of being replaced by a younger model might concentrate the Hound's mind. Perhaps time to withdraw serrano privileges until he pulls his paw out?

Mrs T-J said...

Absolutely not allowed to cancel your birthday! I also adore that song, beautiful voice. Hmmm has the hound commissioned ornaments now as well as cards? Where will it end lol xxx

Becca said...


We drank mulled wine and had Christmas songs on. Lots of fun. Are you coming to the next one?