I don't really do Christmas at home. The shop is like Christmas on acid, and home is an escape. Although i might steal the orange vase filled with cotton balls, all very DesignSponge. I got the book for my birthday, it is very good.

Back in the real world of rural England, Christmas falls into 2 camps. The whites versus the reds.

Today i have favoured the whites, boxes of white hyacinth and Paperwhites in the green, because seriously who has the time or the space to force these things? apart from Kirstie? Although rumours are that somebody in Stamford forces a huge bowl of lily of the valley for the Christmas table. Nice. Very Nice.

The Hound has howled all day, and point blank refused to look cute for customers, favouring the less attractive 1 ear, eyes closed pose.

also in the interests of full disclosure, i didn't make any of the wreaths in the last post. They were made by el studente on the Christmas flower school.

To say I am proud of their work is an understatement.

Also the U on my keyboard is playing up, i had no idea how much i used that vowel.


Bow Street Flowers said...

No matter about the cooks of said wreaths, you're still the queen who gathered up all those gorgeous ingrediants.

Lydia Lapwing said...

I vacillate between red and white.

To cap it all I'm moving on the 21st and half my stuff is in storage.


karen said...

What book did you have for your birthday?