You come to me with open arms

trying to rectify my charms
You say tonight I'm to be your lover
and by the morning light I'm to discover
everything that you've held inside of you.

1 week
2 weddings
1 flower school
1 birthday
1 funeral
27 handmade wreaths
1 awkward customer
1 neglected Hound
598 shots of espresso
79 glasses of mulled wine
3 Nasi goreng
1 bag of chips
1 new ipod
which means i have been listening to Rod Stewart

did you have a good week?


flwrjane said...

I did, almost as busy but minus the birthday:)

Love and fun in this new year.

May have had one more espresso but no wreath making.

I pass that on to my talented coworkers.

V.v. difficult.

Big hug and besos. Keep your eyes on the prize.

xo Jane

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now that's a week. Absolutely gorgeous flowers as ever. Jealous of your flower school attendees.

Missed you actually.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

I was beginning to wonder if you had left the country...

Amelia said...

Aaah, that explains the absence. For a minute there I thought we'd have to call out the cavalry. Beautiful flowers, all!

Jen said...

I am crazy crazy about the wreaths in the last 3 pictures. Can you send one to Massachusetts?

Mrs Beard said...


Pretty Christmas wreaths, I like the puffball things on them, brilliant.

Becca said...

Ooohhh the fluffy one is mine. It's currently hanging on my new flat door rather than a door with a knocker like it's supposed to. Thanks Mrs Beard! We had THE BEST time on Monday. Lots of gossip (you MUST email me about the gifts) and a free drink in the Tobie Norris. It was all very lovely and fun and Christmassy and not work related which meant it was EVEN BETTER.

I wore my flowersinmyhairpiece the WHOLE way home. Yes, an hour at the train station (go figure by 30 seconds) through Peterborough station, on the train, through KGX all the way to leafy North London where it's socially acceptable because its practically the country anyway. It was surprsingly warm. I hung it on my door to photo and it's kind of dried out which is pretty cool but I end up with wispy things in my hair.

Martin & the Magpie said...

ditto minus the birthday,,,we are on the wine by 4pm most days now and it defo garland city here!! xx

Mrs B said...

What, no gin?
Love the white wedding.
Sounds like one hell of a week.
11 more get ups flower people xxx

Bow Street Flowers said...

You are the wreath Queen!

Annabel - Love My Dress Wedding Blog said...

I just adore ALL the photographs in this blog feature. The wedding world would be a full place without Miss P, you busy bee :)