I have sold the table football,  it is being collected this week. Fear not i have re homed it with a loving family, maybe they will send us updates of how it is getting on?
I am now on the hunt for an Air Hockey table or something else equally as random.

It does mean a shuffle around of the shop is required, and i had all intention of photographing said shuffle. Sadly the battery charger is on the kitchen table...

Instead Cambridge. A rather grey but very lovely day out with The Other Miss Pickering. Cambridge isn't far away, we would sometimes go on a Saturday from school, but now. Why do we never do the things on our doorstep?

We watched the family on the self-drive punt for ages, i really felt for the man, I can't imagine punting is the easiest of activities and the expectation of the 2 little girls was enormous.

Also if you go to Cambridge you will become fixated with finding the perfectly aged bicycle with a basket, and there will be ridiculously early blossom.

Also i have broken a New Year's resolution already, but i had fun doing it, and it was a rather unrealistic resolution anyway so it doesn't count does it?


flwrjane said...

If the resolution had anything to do with eating, drinking, flirting or shopping it doesn't count.

At least not in America.

Right Becca?

xo Jane

Unknown said...

I'd love to have a go at punting but couldn't cope with the audience, wonder if there are any quiet sections to practice (fall in the river)

Michelle said...

I was actually in Cambridge a few weeks ago and did the same with my battery charger, so nice to see it through your lens. Wish I had known that I was not that far from your shop! Next time.

Miss Pickering said...

Jane - it was one of those things. not shopping..

Caroline - Every other person in Cambridge tries to sell you a trip on a punt, i feel quite sure they would offer lessons.

Michelle - its not a million miles away, pop in for a gin next time.

TumbleTwitch said...

Cambridge, lovely to visit, very dull to live in.

It has also managed to cure me of my love of Cath Kidston!

The cook shop is good though and the wee bread stall on the market has a handsome chap or two working there, so all is not lost!

Michelle said...

Will certainly do. I was able to pop in on Spriggs Florist when I was down south and they had nothing but lovely things to say about you and your visit there last fall—something about your love of camping and the lovely English weather.

Becca said...

It doesn't count in America, Marbs or in the presence of flowers.

Miss P. Not Antigua. You know my news. Now Spill....