The battery charger remains on the kitchen table, so photographs from the Blackberry.

I use phone photographs as an aide memoire and for twitter and then forget why i took them.

Last night i had supper cooked for me. You can guess the chef. Recipe from this blog. He reads blogs now, on an i-pad.

I don't even like creme eggs.

but i did like the navy/gold/orange colourway.


chips with parmesan and truffle oil.

the old sewing patterns are in the Cancer research shop if you are into those, all very retro

and clearly this was not taken on my phone, it was me messing about with Valentines day paraphernalia, but it has the same awful badly lit feel as the others.....

Bon weekend


Mrs T-J said...

Wow I thought you had been to Hambleton Hall without me! What a delicious offering, I can never make it look so pretty.

Flageolet Beans now you are talking, fabulously versatile and remind me of student days in France. Dont let the fact that they come in a tin put you off, they are brilliant with lamb and lashings of garlic xxx

Maid of Kent said...

I know Im a bit behind the times but what about the language of flowers as part of your Valentines Day? Not sure how feasible but there are so many flowers and so many meanings..