Colour sampling

for a wedding.

you group a few things together and then make pictures and send it to a bride and groom with the following note.

Dear Bride and Groom

Here are a few flowers grouped together, you might like the colourway.

Please bear in mind that these flowers are Spring flowers and your wedding is in the Summer, so the flowers will be totally different.

Also it is a really grey day here, and on your wedding day it is going to be sunny and bright, so the flowers will also look very different.

and they are just grouped, i will spend more time "arranging" them on the actual day.

In short your wedding flowers will look nothing like this, but i promise they will look nice, so you should definitely book me to do your wedding.


Miss P.


Becca said...

We don't need to arse around like this do we? I was just going to leave you (and Jane who I assume will fly over to assist) to it.

Remember I want the fake dewdrops and diamonte pins so everyone can see them.....

PS they should book you for their wedding because you are a tres calming influence and the only person other than my Bridesmaid I will allow to slap me if I start obsessing over napkins shaped like swans.

Liza said...

love it. thoughtful and drawn out, precisely what a bride and groom deserve :)

Emelie said...

Hahaha :) Love it! //Emelie

Unknown said...

why is this all sounding so familiar..... we love all our brides and grooms.

Miss P - loads of love to you and hound. We loved our Christmas card - thank you.

Miss S s

Brambles Florists said...

love it! x

Valley Flower Company said...

freakin' lovely.

Neda Lahrodi-Blake said...

You have away with words hehe really funny. Like the idea of sending pic x

Anonymous said...

Where are my gerberas? I wanted gerberas. Didn't I say lots of them and three gerberas grouped for each of my individual bridesmaids dressed in Cadbury's purple pleeease. And the roses. Where oh where are my dimantes?
Roses don't really scream when you stick a pin in them, do they?

Mrs Beard said...

Is this how our conversation on Monday is going to go?

If we accidentally have too much wine and agree to add 'vintage brooches' to the bouquet it might be an issue.