Hooked on a feeling

I'm high on believing.

Vonda Shepard off of Ally McBeal

do you remember that series? Dancing babies and theme tunes.

The i-pod has been on shuffle.

Personal theme tunes, do you have them?

I do.

This one
and this one.

These are the songs i imagine are playing when i stroll down the high street. Sadly they don't, normally it's people asking  about The Hound, or whispering about who i was seen having dinner with the night before.

Small towns.

I am headed to London this weekend. I am hoping for debauchery.

and i am making flowers in pots.


Georgie Steeds said...

Love these pots, they remind me of mini Dutch Masters. I've just discovered your blog....I'm hooked!
Have a lovely weekend.

Mother Hen at Sea said...

Can arrangements be raunchy? These just ooze sexiness to me in a totally breathtaking way.
Love, love, love them, what a treat for a winters day.

(PS, I might like some of those) xxx

Miss Pickering said...

Georgie, Welcome to the club.

Mamasita,if you would like some i will make you some, but they are small, dramatic, but not in a "This house needs more drama darling" way.They won't reach the mirror xxxxx

FlowerGirl26 said...

I loved Ally McBeal. I don't know a single person who didn't cry buckets of tears when Billy died. Still cry to this day.

Pilar said...

great photos! Remember me to Zurbarans still live portaits.Love your blog.

Kate@The Gorgeous Flower Company said...

Fabulous flowers, fabulous music, loved Ally McB too. Thanks for the memories Miss P. Have a great weekend.

Cloggins said...

Excellent theme tunes. Am willing to overlook that you've stolen them from me due to your exemplary taste.

megan said...

so lovely... they remind me of candy. But maybe I just have a sweet tooth right now.

Anonymous said...

Van Aelst would have approved. I'm sure. I'm convinced it's the slate background that does it. Equally I would approve of them on my table. Gorgeous.
Did the tulip make it to Monday? You can never tell with those things. No matter. It can only add to the ensemble.
Fabulous songs. Mind if I borrow them for a bit? They will have the ability to drown out a certain Dolly P number this Monday morning...
Trust any debauchery found was of the highest level.