It may be winter outside

but in my heart it's Spring

Chicken a l'orange.

Marinate chicken with the juice and zest of half a navel orange, a handful of lemon thyme, olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, and seasoning.

A sweet potato per person, chopped, and several handfuls of chichi Chanteray carrots. Scatter more lemon thyme and the zest of the half of the orange.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Realise you forgot to put the red onion in, add.

Place the chicken on top, continue to bake until he skin is crispy and golden.

Meanwhile roast some plums with butter and sugar, take the half empty tub of ricotta from the fridge. Add the vestiges of juice and zest from the orange and a spoonful of sugar.

Try not to burn the plums, your hand or grate your finger.

Blitz any leftover vegetables with chicken stock for soup.

I was trying to find a reference to something yesterday, and found this. Maybe another one is in order?


Lotte and Bloom said...

your photography just cranked up a notch. beautiful. also this looks delicious. i'm cooking your bog-standard roast chicken here but am looking at this with jealous eyes...

Unknown said...

Agree with above, your photos are stunning.

I'm all about citrus at the moment, bit sweet, bit sharp, not sure why, but my tastebuds are demanding it. This looks perfect and I am delerious to see you do not peel your sweet potatoes, the less faffing with peelers the better I think (peeling for six is a pain). Will make this for supper tomorrow.

Sue A said...

Oh my goodness, I've just eaten and your pictures made me hungry again, looks fabulous. Yes please more videos, flowers, non-performing hounds, whatever. Happy New Year by the way (is it too late?)

Bow Street Flowers said...

You actually made cooked animals look GOOD! Nice job with the photos. My vegetarian mouth is watering.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was asked what my favourite blog of the moment is. The answer will feature in a piece on another blog. My instant reply was yours, I have just watched the video, hence one of the reasons you are my favourite!

Miss Pickering said...

Thank you ladies.

It would seem that a North facing sitting room is better than the normal South facing kitchen for photography.

The Vintique Object said...

Dear Miss Pickering, I love your photography.