Today has been a good day

Spring is most definitely coming.
Somebody has made me laugh; and blush
The Hound has not howled
I have only eaten super foods
The air is scented with Narcissus Paperwhite
I found a Ker-Plunk in a charity shop
and this blog has made me laugh, i used to have a thing for them, or rather the men that wore them. Not now. It's a very British thing, sorry to international readers.

Huge thanks for all the window suggestions, Spring and animals is a theme, i am going to use it for the Easter window, i need time to do you all justice and to get more animals.....
The window remains as bare as yesterday, only minus the orange ranunculus as i have just sold them.
Dead birds R us.

Tomorrow brings a wedding and a shuffle around of the furniture, the mourning at the loss of the table football has been completed, it's time to move on.


laetitia said...

It's SUCH a great blog, isn't it. I now see these fucking red trousered men...everywhere.
Loving your colours Miss P.

Becca said...

I probably just got reported to HR for clicking that link. If I get fired you can hire me to sit in your window drinking tea and wearing flowers in my hair clutching a stuffed heron.

Lotte and Bloom said...

what a hoot! thanks for the link. it has cheered me up no end after my computer dept. breakdown.

unfortunately we don't get so many of those red trousered men up here in deepest darkest glasgow, but i definitely remember the type...

Anonymous said...

Today was a bad day for me... until you introduced me to that hilarious blog. Now the whole office is filled with stifled snorting. Thanks Miss P!

KELLY said...

a most excellent link!! reminds me a bit of school days with a bit of a boden update. extra points for corduroy. i shall now giggle every time i spot a lamfrt-man.

and your colours are lovely. orange and blue always a winner. and isn't it just so nice to feel a bit of spring-ness in the air. must be time i made my way to see you now the craziness of valentines has gone and new windows are about to happen. xXxXx

flwrjane said...

Oh no, in America we have what are known as Nantucket Reds....with years of wear and the sea air they fade to various shades of pink before the fabric finally rots.

Not soon enough for me. Oh wait, my boss wears them.

Disregard message,

xo Jane

P.S. Becca you can come sit in our window and drink iced coffee drinks while making floral crowns.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful link, Mrs P. Where did you discover that, I wonder xx (Yeea haaa byw)