of herons and giraffes

did you all have a marvellous day yesterday?

Were tokens of love bestowed upon you? Did violins play in the background? did anybody get engaged? I know a good wedding florist if you did.

I got quite drunk after just 2 glasses of Champagne and fell asleep. Classy.

The Valentine's window has gone, what now? it is a tough one to follow.

The heron has to stay and i have grown strangely attached to the giraffe. I have added some orange ranunculus, so people don't think it is an animal rescue centre.

FYI The window measures 120cm deep x 110cm high x 180cm wide. It is also the only real source of natural light, so you can't block it off with too much, but there needs to be a bit of a barrier because you can see all the way through to the workspace and occasionally i like to dance. Also 110cm high isn't very high.

Suggestions? Mothering Sunday window will go in a fortnight. so don't say that.

I think this is where we need Len.


Becca said...

How about a March window? You could do a "play" on March and have loads of toy soldiers marching everywhere.

What can I say? I'm not creative.

I called in at M & S on my way home and there were NO flowers left. Nothing. City boys were starting to panic buying bulbs (why? why? why? - its not the same) when I left.

Approximate number of girls with big show-offy bouquets I wanted to hit on the overland home = 17

Number of girls I wanted to say "not a good sign" when they were showing off their bouquets which contained Gerbera = 3

I saw you are in wedding flowers again.

kat flower said...

glad to hear love day was a smash. i feel as if i've been beaten and then left on my sofa {because they were semi-kind assailants} to die. but just like a phoenix, i rose from the ashes of yet another valentine's day to...wield my mighty broom and clean all the debris that i left behind.

if i think of something clever, i'll send it along.

k x

Mrs T-J said...

I read somewhere of a florist having "real" women sat in her window drinking tea and eating cake. However for your window Miss P they would have to very "ikkle" ladies with very "ikkle" else to do.

No fleurs or card for me. Just a text message from Singapore airport, "At Singapore ok, oh happy Val day. Love you". I suppose it has to count, who says romance is dead? lol xxx

flwrjane said...

How can kat flower be so witty the day after?

You too for the matter.

11:00AM here, number of complaints so far today= 0.

Number of years on my face= 100.

xo Jane

Unknown said...

Erm...pancake day?! Play on the ingredients flour/flower...it's been a long day :)

Len said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! I don't work for free!!!!!

That is so funny, because as I was reading your post I was thinking " What could you put in the window?" Do you have other animals? What about a group of animals each pulling a cart, pot, or something floral/Spring related. All suggesting that it is a circus parade pulling Spring into view. A ribbon or string would be attached from the animal to the pot or whatever it is that it would be pulling.

Show us a finished, full window shot of what you have decided to put in your window!

sactovlr said...

flowering branches/nests/bulbs?
umbrellas and rain boots?

thanks for the delicious sweet potato recipe. i made it last night (conversions aside) and it was delish!

you're the best. i love your blog and humor. hope VD was a success!

Procris said...

Lions with umbrellas? Something to play on the whole "In like a lamb, out like a Lion" bit?

Otherwise... Mad Hatter tea party? Gets you bunnies in early, but with a deliciously psychedelic twist.

Bow Street Flowers said...

We had no stems left and I'm not exhausted today. This means my team was stellar!!!!!
I'd go for the animal theme. Animals are for some reason perfectly suited to flower shops. We can't have too many animals: real and not.

Bow Street Flowers said...
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Mammamsterdam said...

how's about a sleeping hound on a blanket of Spring flowers? You get animal, you get Spring, you get flowers, only thing, whatever you need to get him sleepy during opening hours, I believe it is illegal. Mhhh. Not such a good idea.

Dave said...

'The heron has to stay'? You becoming a heron addict, Miss P?