Love. Thy will be done

I can no longer hide, I can no longer run.

We've been hanging out in Martika's kitchen.

I have sat down, the first time since 6am, i shan't ever get up again, i think i have 30 minutes before the post work crowd arrive. At one point whilst on the phone to somebody very important, i forgot my name.

"It's the flowershop girl" said I
"Your name is written all over your shop and your pinny, how can you forget it?" said he

It has been quite a day, today has been hilarious, poignant and flirtatious. Men have left full of promise for tonight.

n.b. exchange rates are variable..........

May your evening be filled with Champagne, Hollywood kisses and whipped cream.

Happy Valentine's Day

Miss P. and The Hound


p.s. and to our American counterparts, as the Australians said to us, it does eventually come to end, until then keep bunching and drinking the coffee...

and oh lord here they come.........


Cloggins said...

I hope someone sent you something lovely as well, Miss P.

Unknown said...

Done! Survived another one! Happy Valentine's Day to florists everywhere!