The rose that started it all

The vintage thing

because years ago vintage just meant faded colour's predominantly roses. Then it was used to describe everything, then there were a thousand blog posts about what vintage meant, and people got their knickers in a twist, and then we all just stopped using the word.

but it was this rose that started it all. Rosa old dutch, probably about 8 years ago.

The world went mad for it, and then it disappeared because demand outstripped supply, and if you could get it, it was so small and insignificant, and very expensive.

So instead we all jumped on Amnesia, Peppermint and Hypnose, which then gave way to Upper Secret and Memory Lane.

and now it would appear Old Dutch is back, normally sized, normally priced.

no i don't know why there is a metre rule in the picture either.


anna and the ring said...

Still insanely lovely.

Oh the loaded word that is vintage.

Sandra said...

Fantastic news, I was only showing a bride a photo with those in yesterday, with the words 'You can't get these any more but I can get xyz'

cara said...

Meh. I never thought they looked vintage, just old and scabby and faded. REAL roses look vintage, beautiful scented English garden roses.

Primchick said...

It's the measure of things...!!!!.... I know, I know, I can't believe just how funny I am at times either....!!!!

Mrs T-J said...

I adore these roses but I think I love the gorgeous ones you posted the other day more, the palest of lilac, they look ethereal. xxx

looking uber sexy in yesterday's post Miss P! When I try to pout like that I look like Les Dawson