I fell in love with you


and out of love with you
and back in love with you
all in the same day

Brendan Benson, spotify thought i might like him, spotify was right.

Hellebores that is, i am the girl that squeals with excitement at the sight of them, and then curses that i am allergic to them, but they are so pretty.

Also samples of exciting things and green pussy willow and a component of the Mothering Sunday window.

No tilt shift required.

Also i have been given the gift of Cadbury's Caramel nibbles. They are amazing. Will probably marry the man that gave them to me, they are that good.


KELLY said...

cool badges! impossible not to fall in love with the teeny tiny...is it a gulliver style md window? x

Becca said...

I am having a "Millions" moment, having progressed from Jelly Tots last week. Also, the M & S mini eggs (that aren't so mini) are also delightfully amazing.

Mrs B said...

I almost cried when I saw the photo of the tiny shop. I made one when I was about 12. I spent weeks on it. It was even complete with a little poly-ribbon rack......I have forgiven myself that faux pas since.


Amelia said...

I too love caramel nibbles, they are so addictive!! Does your final comment mean you will be soon changing your shop name as well as changing your window display?