You mystify me

My laptop has taken it upon it's self to delete every photograph taken since the 28th August 2011. I don't know why, i thought the latter half of last year and beginning of this one was when things were just starting to get good.

I'm sure they will turn up?

I have however been given the gift of washstand and chocolate. Expect turquoise tile to be the new background of choice. That is until i unearth a large sheet of copper from a skip.

also a puppy came into the shop.

The Hound thanks you for all your well wishes, he has been given the gift of a pig's ear, and has been doing a lot of sleeping. I wake him up every 30 minutes to check he is still alive. He loves that.

What will you do for the weekend? Will you be diving into skips to find copper? Or just listening to INXS?


Becca said...

For weekend information see below post.

I'm also going to buy a puppy now.

Lotte and Bloom said...

gah! maybe our lost photos are hanging out together somewhere in the vastness of the worldwideweb. also, brunia...it's complicated, no?

Miss Pickering said...

Have found pictures, just not where they should be.

Brunia nodiflora is the way forward. you can't see from the picture but it is delicate and not blig blobs of stiffness like multiflora, and the blobs are all the way down the stem, rather than just at the top. It still smells of cat pee though.

Lotte and Bloom said...

i do like it, it's just i don't want to use the blobs in such a big clump so i end up stripping it right back until it's skinnier. which is essentially a big old waste.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Turquoise tiles are hard to beat. Turquoise and copper...maybe better.