To make an omlette

first you have to break some eggs or something to that effect.

Some of the flower blogs i read, are so elegant and considered. Perfectly shot image after image all at f1.2 the most beautiful flowers and glamorous back stories.

I wish i could be like that.

but i can't resist adding baby chicks.

The Easter displays should have been in at the beginning of the week, but The Hound was in charge of rounding up the chicks, things have been a bit problematic......


Mrs B said...

I have those eggs in the turkey version - last night I was trying to describe how to make them for a blog post.....not easy when you actually haven't. Boil first and eat or just crack?

Beautiful wreath.

Good to have you back xx

Miss Pickering said...

Mrs B

I unpacked them along with the 60 blown quails eggs and thought to myself.

Who the hell would bother to do them themselves?!

also the quails eggs break if you try and ram a rose in them..........

Fatima Malagueira said...

Gorgeous little chicks!

flwrjane said...

Mrs. B has a blog? What is it?

Can can buy already blown out eggs?

Why didn't somebody tell me this earlier, I could have kept smoking.

xo Jane

Valley Flower Company said...

I much prefer your blog to those "perfect" ones. I find yours perfectly perfect just the way it is. x

Paula said...

Beauty & a giggle - a perfect combination - far more characterful! I have just spent the last 3 days helping to fix chicks just like that on to my children's Easter bonnets. I'm telling you, those cute, innocent little expressions and fluffy posteriors hide a rebellious soul!