The Victoria and Albert Museum is next door to the Natural History Museum.

A lot of people go for the fashion and pretty things.

I go for scale.

Whilst the internets are full of 1930's China, folky hand drawn lettering or sleek Danish design, i want scale. The sort of scale you only get from Ancient civilisations, or religious tyranny.

If you walk into the cast room and see the cast of Trajan's column, there is a very sweet man in there, who doesn't mind if you shout out an expletive when you see the size of it. Scale is something we lack in the country.

also the cafe is beautiful, but stay away from the apple cake. It is dry and they don't have pastry forks.

Back to the flowers tomorrow, it's Easter. I have been fashioning things out of pussy willow.


WOPettit said...

This is my favorite place to visit when I'm in London, well in addition to the British Museum and the Tate and Blenheim Palace and Fountain Abbey and hundreds of manor homes, Lake District... geezzz reminds me: I need to book a trip to the UK. Got to go...

YYZ said...

Oh, how I love the V&A. I miss London. A lot.

Mrs T-J said...

Lovely Miss P, did you Zumba in my absence? My first blog post to you from sunny Melbourne, funny you should mention scale, this city does scale! Not a word you could apply to that "multum im parvo" place. Love your V&A pics xxx

mary said...

I love the cast room, I'm amazed that people don't seem to know it's there ... there's something about the sheer daftness of a plater Trajan's column sawn in two to fit!