I was dreaming while i drove the long straight road ahead

Could taste your sweet kisses
Your arms open wide
This fever for you is just burning me up inside
I drove all night to get to you
Is that alright
I drove all night
Crept in your room
Woke you from your sleep
To make love to you

When you get a song in your head. That.

Also if i am in your garden and ask if i take photographs, it's because i am logging what you have so that i can steal it.

There is a Grand Prix it is on the BBC, which means i will actually get to see it.

and as one sister heads back to university, another one comes back from the USofA

and i have bridal quotes to do, so that's my weekend sorted, do you have plans?

and yesterday as i passed through a train station, (i wasn't actually here yesterday, sneaky)  this band were playing live. They were amazing. Properly good.


domestikate said...

Nothing worth taking pictures of in my garden! My dad is apparently cultivating some seeds for me though, bless him.

This weekend is a mixed one: spin class and pottering about doing boring things tomorrow, then a special surprise date day on Sunday - he's being very mysterious and says I might need my wellies, so I really have no idea!

Raye S. said...

I have spent most of the day reading your blog and thoroughly enjoying it. I wish your shop was next door so I could pop by and buy something from you.

Harriet Hat Peg said...

Is it wrong to pick Hellibores - I love them and they look so pretty but they don't last 5 minutes in a vase before they droop. Love your blog!

erin said...

bleeding heart! holy moly. all day long.
also, muscari looking photoshopped. so sweet behind the grate. loving it all!

Mrs T-J said...

Helibores and Dicentra, how I love them. Prefer the white to the pink in both varieties.

Have seen some stunning gardens here but cant understand why the florists are so awful (so far anyway, cant wait to be proven otherwise), whats the obsession with Gerberas? xxx

wishful nals said...

beautiful photos.