A weekend

Not my finest, a Greta Garbo Sunday.

The problem with wanting to be alone is that there isn't anyone around to slap you, when a combination of painkillers and Piriton leaves you a bit odd. Will a bride go for this design? suddenly becomes, Why does every farmer in the land have to grow OSR? Could i put a baby in the corner of the shop? Is that legal? Am i going to die alone? Could i drink a pint of tea? Am i the only one who thinks it's the emperor's new clothes? Not so intimidating now.

Meltdown. The 'rents slapped me. It's all good now.

I don't actually want a baby, i just like the pictures of David Beckham. You're welcome.

also a man just came in to tell me that there is some nice fish in Morrisons, it's made in Vietnam, no bones, and that his wife complains that he doesn't have any stamina anymore, and that he is looking to find her a toyboy.

Business as usual.


Lotte and Bloom said...

very funny, as per. also i like the 'hello my name is' sticker, nice touch

flwrjane said...

Though i feel your pain, well not really, but your allergies, what i really want to know is what is the name of the tine daisy?

I have some from the shop sitting in the kitchen but they are nameless to me and I would like to grow them.

hello Becca. Not such a big tweeter are you?

xo Jane

Primchick said...

Ahh the old outta body experience thingy.. no there are others of us walking amongst you that sooooo understand the "emperor's not wearing any bloody clothes thingy.."
Are you on instagram (not a random question) just delighful photo's images from like minded souls.. (honest)

{Love, Love, Love} said...

I am really happy at the moment as I normally suffer the OSR but nothing as yet this year and I am only just over the border from you :)

megan said...

hello my name is sticker = genius

Becca said...

I am a tweeter. I am on twitter. I check it on my new ipad (reference new ipad again).

Unknown said...

I can't do those drowsy antihistimines - I feel like my teeth are going soft and I can't make a fist and sense it might be the universe collapsing.

Is he the most beautiful man alive?

domestikate said...

That man just gets better with age, doesn't he? Like Brad Pitt. And George Clooney. And Hugh Grant.

Mrs B said...

Are you on drugs? Oh yes, so u are.

Jane, the answer to your question lies with the sticker


Mrs T-J said...

Oh I am familiar with days like that, usually when Hubster was away, especially on a weekend and I would get so fed up and irritated with my own lethargy and lack of umph! Pacing around doing and being nothing but a nuisance to myself.

Luckily it doesnt last long does it, glad to hear its biz as usual xxx