Ready for summer

There comes a tipping point for those of us who work with flowers everyday.

Last week i couldn't have lived without orange ranunculus and the last of the paper whites and of course everybody who is on Instagrams favourite "Blossom" I don't do Instagram, i have a Blackberry......

I'm over it now. Spring that is, i want summer and peonies and delphinium and sweet peas and love-in-a-mist.

Nor do i want a child, i just liked the pictures of David Beckham with his.

Yesterday i was drawing daffodils with a child, i asked whether she was going to draw them in the axial or sagittal plane.

"We don't do that at nursery, we just join up the dots, I'm only 4"


Becca said...

You and me both. I want pimms and the smell of fresh clothes from outside and the sound of flipflops and sweet peas and roses growing around the door. I want mint and white linen clothes. I want to sit in a park. I want to wear sunglasses. I want to feel the sun on my skin and not hail stones.


Mrs B said...

I want proper garden ggrown lilac and hawthorn flowers.

Freda said...

I saw a swallow today here in Scotland so summer must be coming!!