Diamond Jubilee

I'm a traditionalist at heart, I love the Royal family.

I love the pomp and the ceremony. I can't wait to see the Thames pageant, Sue please report back.

I like singing Jerusalem, and trestle tables.

I like Silver Jubilee and Coronation mugs filled with bits from the garden and the odd herb. Or if you don't have any mugs, Union Jack paper cups.

Although it is damn near impossible to buy anything with a Union Jack on it now.

and i especially like commemorative biscuit tins.

The Hound is less impressed, it seems he is a Republican.

The soldiers are still on parade, i didn't collect them they are borrowed from a man named Bill, who along with his wife Lana, painstakingly glued them all onto cardboard for me. Bill and Lana have a dog that is a mini version of The Hound. That's how we met.

Mad dogs and Englishmen

a strangely fitting epitaph.

Also this has been on repeat in my head all day.


Rosie Parsons said...

Aww, looks so fun! Hope you have a great Jubilee weekend!

Mrs B said...

Lovely mugs.

I'm a very lucky florist. We're doing all the jobs physically possible tomorrow & saturday so that I can river pageant with the family on Sunday for my Dad's birthday. There are times even I can say no. This was one of them.

I'll be in Battersea Park at the Vintage Fair. I'll look out for Sue.

Hope you get to eat some Victoria sponge from a Union Flag napkin at some point.


Wellies and Vogue said...

I too like all the Jubilee-ing.. I'm hoping bath is going to be festive.. I'm just sad the weather isn't going to live up to the dish heights of last year..

Also I had to treat myself to that tin yesterday.. I've already removed the shortbread and filled it with ribbons!

Lucy S said...

I enjoy it too- looking forward to organising a conference this weekend so we can all do the Jubilee kitsch proud.

I love the Hound's offended expression wearing the hat- classic hound disapproval there!

Unknown said...

I always thought the hound more of a democrat? No? Hmmmm. We'll have to work on that.

flwrjane said...

Jealous of all the pomp and ceremony over here....though I guess we could have been a part of it all.

Damn Boston tea party-:)

xo jane

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...


For the Hound, its all about the Hats.

The Original Becca said...

I know the Hound is blue blooded. He's from Stamford for Christ's sake. Plus I'm sure I saw him at conference.

Street party tonight and then up early in the morning to the beloved's parents.

Good luck with the prep for next week. Eyebrows are key. My Mum informs me they are as good as a facelift.

Have a good long weekend of solid work x

Mrs T-J said...

Rule Britannia from Down Under!

I borrowed a couple of pics, I did pay the required homage which is only polite.

Enjoy the razzamattaz! xxx

cara said...

I'm with the Hound.

My Life of Domestic Bliss said...


Sue A said...

Late news owing to absence of broadband in York. Pageant was fab, we got front row seats by the Festival Hall having got there at 8am. I have several not very good pictures owing to the precipitation, but the Spirit of Chartwell was gorgeous, we got soaked but it was very worth it. My M&S corgi mugs were much admired and we had strawberries and Pimms.