and they'll meet one day


far away and say
I wish you I knew you
I wish I knew you before

 Mr Rock n Roll

Philadelphus was the star of the weekend, jugs full of the stuff, woven into head garlands, thrown into vases, it's scent beguiling all who came into the shop.

It was the only thing flowering in my garden........

Also mackerel roasted in a hot oven stuffed with fennel and lime, chilli and sea salt scattered, an attempt to get eating habits back on track. The wedding season is a smorgasbord of bread and crisps otherwise.

and thank you to BBC2 for putting George Clooney on whilst the football played out.

and I have also learnt to say no to work, enormously liberating.

Today the streets are being scrubbed, and weeded in preparation for the Olympic torch, the actual one, what with The Queen and Freddie Flintoff, it's quite a summer here.

you know Freddie, the one from the Morrison's adverts, wears white, quite good with balls.


Mrs T-J said...

Amy Macdonald, love her music, why hasn't she been recognised on the same plane as Adele? Travesty!

I adore "Youth of Today" by her, incredible lyrics too.

Aaahh! Indeed it's all happening in Blighty and where am I? Grrrr but I have to say the mackerel here is worth sticking around for.

Stunning flowers as ever Miss P xxx

Mother Hen said...

I adore Philadelphus, why then do I not have any in my new garden? xxx