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Drop The Pilot 

but not the blogging, otherwise how would i bring you this wedding.

It's just sometimes the frivolities of the internet don't fit with what is occurring in the real world. A lot like the 'lympics. Extraordinary  people, doing extraordinary things, who cares what Kate wore to watch the rowing? or how outraged Stella is that everyone thinks she designed the tracksuits, or even how boring the posies are.

and without wishing to sound like The Grandmother, how wonderful to have actual sporting heroes as icons rather than philandering footballers or half naked songstresses. Bradley Wiggins and his sideburns is infinitely cooler than Mario Balotelli's hotel exploits.

A wedding, we made beautiful things, mushrooms featured.

Glorious sunshine, glorious couple.

and thank you to Peter, Head Forester at Burghley, who patiently stood with his chainsaw whilst i dismissed all his trees for not having pretty enough bark.

I will bring you the pro pictures of this wedding, because i didn't take enough non-blurry ones and you have to see the cake stand.


Becca said...

Yes please pro pictures because this is LOVELY and I love the country stylings.

Also...a picture of the pretty bride?

The Bride said...

The mushrooms were magical. Miss Pickering you created something truly magical for us. It was all so beautiful and so much more than I could have every asked for or imagined...But then as I have found...There is only one Miss Pickering.


domestikate said...

You really did make beautiful things. It was worth holding out for the prettiest bark!

Caro said...

Sooo pretty! What a clever girl you are!! So agree with all that you say about the Olympic's so loving it and you are so right about the fact that they work so hard for all the right reasons.

Have a good weekend.xxxx

Mrs Beard said...

As previously discussed. You are a genius.

Mrs T-J said...

Talking of icons Miss P.......xxx