Right beside you

I'll be
Right beside you

Sophie B. Hawkins, memories of Chelsea in the 90's and the only song that my i-pod wants to play as an alarm.

Also quite apt for a wedding.

I could tell you that the venue was lovely
that i forgot to photograph the bouquets so i have been hitting the refresh button on Nick Tucker's blog approxiamtely 50 times a day.
or that here is a picture of the flowergirls that the bride tweeted.
or that you can make orange by using 17 different elements.
or that the groom had very good aftershave.
or that I have never known a couple so excited to be getting married.

It was a joy.


flwrjane said...

These are pretty joyful wedding flowers themselves.

Something in the way you move.

xo Jane

Becca said...

I've been hitting refresh too. What takes so long?! Going to be worth it though. I can TELL.

Also....to the bride:
1. Your flowergirls are really cute (and they are wearing flowers in their hair).
2. Your venue looks amazing.
3. Good vendor decisions.
4. Did you have chocolate cake?

ginger from the style of being said...

Brilliant cake. I have no patience for gaudy wedding cakes. This one, I want to devour. The flowers are perfect...without looking like they were fussed over. Love it.

Mrs T-J said...

Fantastic tune, thank you, enjoyed bopping to that at the ironing board!

Joyful flowers, I am out of superlatives as they go beyond, they just make me gasp and sigh. Can we have you in Oz some day please.


Marianne said...

Those orange dahlia's have brought me out of hiding so that I can comment on your beautiful blog. I want them now. Do you know the variety? (they are worth waiting a year for... )

Forgot to say, love your blog as well as the dahlia's. Thank you. x

Unknown said...

Stunning...simply stunning - are the dahlias Happy Halloween?