Lately and in no particular order


Flowers for a new showroom 
where there was a party 
with actual decks.
in Stamford
who knew?

and the eternal cry

"why doesn't my shop look like this?"

because it's medieval, and has ceiling heights of 2 foot and because of all the ships and giraffes.

I have decided it is easier to just very quietly move into his showroom, pack up The Hound, the heron and some flowers and set up shop.

Sort of like a coups d'état.

Also a mug......

and a mild obsession with 1950's Ikebana books

and a bridal flower school yesterday.

Yours, desperately in need of a massive zinc topped table

Miss P.



Becca said...

Bridal flower school was fun. Apart from I lost a Dar-lee-ar on the subway (see what I did there) and a man ran after me with it **tres embarassing**.

I tried to take a picture of the boy wearing his button hole but he wasn't having any of it because of the holes in his shirt. This could pose a problem come next June. I suggested that the alternative was flowers in his hair. I was joking but now I've suggested it I LOVE IT.

Mrs Beard said...

Ah ha, a mug!


Also, I wish you hadn't posted about the glorious purveyor of furniture, I periodically moon over his wares and then remember that I am skint.