Pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau


Monday's flower school was brilliant. There were roses, and dahlias, and love-lies-bleeding and many herbages and chat of blogging and weddings and dogs.

I would have happily of sold any of their arrangements in the shop.

So proud.

Hand tied technique, wiring, oasis arrangements we did it all, and found time for lunch and wine at the Tobie.

The last full day flower school of the year is next week, a wedding one, it's sold out now, but i am putting together a schedule for next year presently.

Also I have been asked to some evening demo classes, I'm working on it, so far we have titles of

"Help! it's my turn to do the church flowers"

"My dog wants a floral collar"

"I need to make a table centre for Christmas that is better than the one my mother-in-law made last year"

All suggestions welcome

and maybe then we will think about les videos.

also today is National talk like a pirate day. So far this is the most interesting thing anybody has tweeted about today.

They have a website and everything, welcome to my world people.

and i know what you are thinking, what the hell is wrong with my hair?disaster haircut, followed by my deciding i needed a shorter fringe at 1am, and this mornings battle with a pair of straighteners.

I am looking into wigs.

and don't look too closely at the headdress I made on Monday and didn't get around to photographing until today.

also Anna is working on another project for us. I have just had a peek and burst with excitement. good things are happening.


Bow Street Flowers said...

Beautiful flowers as per usual. Are you dating a Frog?

Martin & the Magpie said...

ah!! We did flowers in our hair last weekend too.....
and Miss P I want to know what you would have said to a customer who asked if we would build a bigger bouquet around the five quid bunch of tescos roses she was clutching.....just to see if your comment is stronger than mine!!