Harvest pale

A wedding reception held at the pub up the road.

Shortest delivery distance of a wedding. Ever. 

The bride brought containers 

and I filled them with roses, and dahlias, and clematis. and berries, and herbage.

We are taking bets on whether i will ever do a wedding that doesn't include majolica.

One for the florists there. 


Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Becca said...

I love the TN. Did they ever get their sign back?

I have a majolica rose question....will email.

These are beautiful. I am coming around to colour. Slowly. I should probably stop thinking of the list of cocktails (yum-MEE) and instead focus on getting an actual colour scheme that doesn't change from week to week.

flwrjane said...

I was confused as to the pottery or the rose.

I had to scroll back up but saw no Majolica pottery.

I am in love with your pictures.

Finally big enough to ask out.

xo Jane

cara said...

I'm not florist, but I'm going to guess majolica is that black berry thing.