LE15 to S1

I've been to 2 cities in less than a week, this must be a record.

The Other Miss Pickering and I headed out on a road trip up north to visit The Small Child at university in Sheffield.

En route we did that thing that starts remember when? and ends in fits of giggles. This particular trip focused on the time we lived in a hotel at weekends, chicken kiev from the room service menu, and minibars, and the fact that we took our kitten with us.

and then out for lunch where we reminisced about more things and took a stroll around the city and found a gold post box. Amazing.

Then we came home, and I took The Hound out and contemplated the differences between city and country.

My Grandmother insists that you are either a city person or a country person and you cannot be happy in the other. Is this true? I've been happy in both, but definitely favour the country, maybe I'm just old?

and also hats off to Vanessa Engle for her walking with dogs documentary last night. Twas brilliant.

I would love to make a documentary of the shop, telling the stories behind why people buy flowers.

Also I haven't read the book. Did you?


Becca said...

I lived in the Country and in N1. I wasn't happy in N1 but I am happy in N8 (the Crouch End bit not the skank bit) and I would be happy in N6 or N10 (Give it up for North London!!!!). Its because there are LEAVES there.

I like coming home and smelling fresh air and buying sausages and vegetables with mud on. You don't get that in London without paying a GAZILLION pounds and you KNOW that they aren't proper Lincolnshire sausages.

Mrs Beard said...

Having grown up in London, no other city will ever completely win my heart.

However, having sampled t'country and most likely heading back I think it is possible to love both concrete and conkers.

It really depends who you surround yourself with once you are in your chosen location!

And that is a gorgeous picture of Sam!

Freda said...

Your brilliant photographs make me want some city buzz again (but only for a visit, my heart is in the country..)

FlowerGirl26 said...

I agree with Grandmother. I was born in London, raised in London and I live here now. Everything you could ever need is here. I am a city rat to my core, I would die if I was ever uprooted to the countryside. That said, I've no objection to paying it the odd visit now and again. ;-)

P.S: Everyone knows South London's where it's at!

Marianne said...

I live in S6 (you've been to my home town!! Im sure if Id seen you I would have recognised you and told you how much I love your work) S6 is the city AND the country. Which is good because I am libran and can't make a decision about anything.

Anonymous said...

Please write a book about why people buy flowers, go on ....