Men are from Mars

Autumn, the time when ladies fill studio pottery bowls with ornamental sweetcorn and gourds.

and boyfriend/ husband/ lover comes home and says

"Why is there a bowl of sweetcorn on the sideboard in the hallway?"

"because it looks pretty and autumnal"

"Can you eat them?"

"No, they are for decorative purposes only"

"Right, like all of those cushions on our bed you mean?"

and women are from Venus.


Emelie said...

HAHA! Yes, exactley!

Jen said...

The man/woman thing: you captured it perfectly, in a few lines!

Your pictures make the corn and gourds look better than they do in a house in real life, I think. Ant least in my real life.

found and sewn said...

So funny, so true!

delovelyish said...

Indeed. My life, exactly.

Mrs roomtobreathe said...

So very true! I've had to remove some of the cushions on the bed :-))

Anonymous said...

You are SO right !!!

flwrjane said...

It's Venus/Venus at my house :-)

Mrs T-J said...

Oh yes the cushions on the bed thing! He'll never get it and I will never understand why. xxx

Jenny Rudd said...

I get the sweetcorn thing but I have never been able to get the cushion thing. Maybe I'm half boy.

Anonymous said...

Ornamental vegetables? Cushions?....its the thin edge of the wedge.....next it will be talking about feelings, closing doors, washing up (properly?), listening and shaving on days when i don't have meetings!

off to my cave in Mars.

The Man