Let sleeping dogs lie

The Hound is in full hibernation mode.

Waking only to partake of lunch at The Lord Nelson.

As usual he was the centre of attention, conversations ensued as to his breed,the acknowledgement of how good he is, how they don't need as much exercise as people think etc. etc.

Cityboy1 was here this weekend, and we also dined here. We chatted about his work, and how his current project would have been a bit scuppered had Romney been elected, and also talked about copyright and the internets, fair dealing and fair use, and he made my laptop work at twice the speed.

We also talked about the male perspective, and the differences between what women say, and what men hear. No holds barred, as always.

I remember once many years ago, being hopelessly head over heels with a man who barely acknowledged my existence. Cityboy1 came home from New York with a copy of that book "He's just not that into you"


Do you think we might persuade him to right an agony column for the blog?

In other news, I have sprayed EVERYTHING in the shop gold.


FlowerGirl26 said...

Spray everything gold? Including the Hound???

flwrjane said...

Lovely pic of the hound. Drew a sign of appreciation from these tired lips.

xo Jane

Mrs T-J said...

The paw over the nose pose, heartmelting every time. Miss that boy! Loving that you are embracing a bit of the bling this Christmas Miss P xxx