First take your hula hoop

then have a last hula.
grab some moss and wire
moan about the rain
contemplate relocating to LA
photograph The Hound
add moss to hula hoop with wire
receive a strange birthday card and spend a good hour trying to fathom out who it is both to and from
add foliage to mossed hula hoop
bang nail into wood
ask nice man to finishing banging in the nail. 
hang wreath
curse white van for parking outside so that you can't take a good picture
get soaked 
contemplate moving to LA
I made this on a hula hoop because i happened to have one. The mechanics are as important as the flower choice in floristry. 9 times out of 10 I don't use floral proprietary products, this is why i have a love affair with hardware shops.
It's also the bit we all scrutinise on other florists' work.
"How did they do that?"
"She must have used oasis to get that angle"
"I wonder where those vases are from?"

also in all seriousness if you sent a birthday card to the shop in a yellow envelope. Get in touch. I don't know what to do with the card or it's contents.


Debs Dust Bunny said...

Both hound and wreath are lovely!

Becca said...

I thought your birthday was in December? But interestingly enough, what were the contents?

No news here.

Its raining and the fire alarm went off. I had to walk down 13 flights of stairs. And then up again.

I am ridiculously hung over.

I am contemplating Thailand. There is less fog and massages are cheaper. AND I could properly eat some of those thai cracker things.

I need to stop saying "properly" like am some kind of gangsta.

At least its pay day tomorrow and can buy some crap I don't need.

And if Cara is reading this...where oh where are Mrs Beard's wedding pictures?

calamitymaria said...

Your hula hoop looks so gorgeous. Am looking at my garage contents with new eyes. I have a kite and a lilo.......