Foliage is king

en ce moment.

for the wreaths, I love walking through town and seeing my handiwork on peoples' doors.

In other news, I am having problems with The Hound, mainly that he is permanently hungry. He is trying all the tricks, randomly sitting nicely and giving his paw, howling, leaning, and the doe-eyed look.

Is it the cold?

He's even eaten a dental stick, own brand as well.

These are normally met with a sneer that says

"this is not an approved snack item"

My dog is more of a princess than i am, who knew that was possible?

and the restaurant next door is going to be a Turkish restaurant

one hopes its more Ottolenghi than kebab.


Debs Dust Bunny said...

Such lovely photos! As for hungry hound, I have a very fussy cat who is eating his least favourite varieties of food willingly. We must enjoy it while it lasts!

domestikate said...

Lovely festive foliage! And I like the thought of you walking around playing 'spot the wreath I made'!