This post will turn around and bite me in the ass

I am normally at my most stressed at this exact point every year.
The endless making of wreaths, and the checking of the clip to see how many there are to go
the panic over whether or not I will be able to attend my own birthday dinner
and the endless debate as to whether or not you sacrifice an hours production time to tidy up, you know in the long run it would be sensible, less likely to break one's neck falling over a box, but a lady is coming at 3pm to collect 3 enormous wreaths i haven't yet made.

Something very odd has happened this year, I am not stressed.

I am in fact enjoying it all.

Happy as a bird

Maybe it's a pirate thing?


Mother Hen said...

That is, of course, until you start to conjure all of your magic and artistic talent on my door wreath......stress doesn't even touch it.
It will, as ever, be a triumph anyway. I shall love it and reiterate to all of our guests how talented you are xxx

Carolyn said...

With flowers and beautiful things like that it is no wonder you're enjoying it! Is that a red piano rose?

And happy birthday!

Dona said...

I wish you and your shop were in Seattle, Wa! May you be the first special guest at your birthday dinner!!!