drunk on love

Preparations for Valentines Day have started.

This involved poaching a chicken with Asian flavours. Staggering home after long days on the flowers to something hot and tasty and healthy is definitely a good thing. Although the reality is that the last thing you really want is a bowl of chicken broth, and The Hound eats it, whilst i have a bag of chips.

Men are coming in and telephoning to place orders, some hapless, but most very romantic.

Some are coming out of the shadows to reveal a secret crush, this might be my favourite bit of Valentine's Day, if ever there was a day to throw caution to the wind and let the girl/ boy in the office know you fancy her/ him, Thursday is it.

also if you popped in to the shop to place an order over the last few days and needed time to think about what you wanted to say on the card, or were too shy to say it, and said you would email me with it.

Don't forget.

There is a general air of romanticism and happiness, drunk on love? or wired on caffeine?

You decide

I would like a puppy, or a penguin. Whichever.

and Happy Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, whichever your religious denomination observes. I'm making these again.

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FlowerGirl26 said...

Aww, I love that bit about revealing secret crushes. It's the stuff Hollywood teen movie fairytales are made of!!! :-)

By the way, Miss Pickering, you are extremely pin-able. Can I find you on Pinterest?

Happy V Day! x x x