It's too orangey for crows

27,568 bonus points for knowing that line. (without the aid of google Adam)

It is a busy week, the shop is filling up with beautiful things for Mothering Sunday. 10th of March folks, and there are many weddings coming up, including one by the sea.

In other news, was i only the only wedding industry type who didn't either cry at the that post? or fail to appreciate the irony? This is what makes me cry, he has gone, we are left with Perez.

and is anybody else watching Nashville? I can't stop playing this song.

and the primula is Blue Zebra.

and last night there was a dinner of dairy and carbs and wine, all very non-paleo.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Ki Ora, old friend. My brother and I also loved 'The red car and the blue car had a race...'

Leanne said...

Kia Ora?

Leanne x

Mrs Beard said...

Those primula are gorgeous!


I cannot stop playing this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zez288nd054

Glad someone else likes Nashville, everyone I know is being too cool, or lying.