The grass was greener

the light was brighter
with friends surrounded
the nights of wonder

This weekend Lotte and I announced a flower school, we are hosting together. Did you see it? Did you see the stop motion films we made? Do you have any idea how long it takes to make a 4 second film? Forever. 3 phone calls, 12 twitter dm's and some texts too.

It turns out stop motion is a lot harder than it looks, Lotte was the technical whizz, whilst i spent a lot of time trying to block out the sunlight in my kitchen with various picture frames and plants, whilst pot roasting a piece of brisket, and trying to take the pictures without The Hound's head in the frame.

I cut honeysuckle foliage, rose hips, rosemary and sage from the garden, and added roses, frilled tulips, rankels, narcissus, hellebore, hyacinth, tuberose, and anemones. I didn't actually use much pink, but I think it looks pink, or maybe I'm kidding myself.

the piece of brisket was reduced to £1.80, rolled in ras-el-hanout, seared and placed in a pot with fennel and garlic and bay and some chicken stock, in the oven at 160 for 2 and a half hours.

I am addicted to ras-el-hanout at the moment, it works very well with meat with a bit of fat on it, chicken thighs, or combine it with ground almonds, some fresh herbs, dried figs and an egg, and stuff a lamb breast.

also Pink Floyd

and in other news it is 23 days until the next Grand Prix. I am having remorse over wishing Lewis gone. I want him back, I dont like Perez's hair.

and documentary of the week is this one, its brilliant and free on itunes or You tube. bonus.


Jen said...

"itunes or youtube" merged into inner tube for me.

Wish I could come to your flower school.

Lotte and Bloom said...

gosh, aren't they virtually the same set of photos, you were right...

Jenny Rudd said...

when's flower school? is nancy going?

Kate said...

Hello Miss P. just wondering if you have heard of the Australian painter, Margaret Olley? Your picture of the flower arrangement reminds me of her still lifes. I think you might like her creations...

flwrjane said...

I too am addicted to the Moroccan spice mix.

So excited to read it here my fingers are stuttering.

Who's Nancy?

xo jane

Mrs Beard said...

I am v impressed with the stop motion!

Look forward to seeing more flower school details, the lady who lives in our old house in Stamford is so friendly I might see if I can doss down with her....it's that or the in-laws....