computer says no

I have a new computer

 a Mac
i joined the dark side / the cool kids depending on your point of view.

I can't find any of my photos that i just loaded onto it, and the display is so contrasty it looks like everything is in HDR. How do i change the contrast (not the brightness)

It is freaking me out.

There may be a blogging hiatus whilst i fish my old pc out of the bin.

I have however changed the display image.



Amelia said...

Hi Miss Pickering,
I feel your pain, my boyfriend has a mac, and as beautiful as it is I always struggle to find my pictures. Usually I forgot that when I upload them on to it they only go into iPhoto and that in order to actually use them I have to export them into a folder. Which just seems completely ridiculous, particularly as the export thing is in the advanced folder on the top tool bar and not even on iPhoto!!!!! Anyways, I hope that helps, I look forward to your next blog.
Ps I have given up on his mac and just bought the sd card adapter for my iPad, so much simpler!!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Miss Pickering - your photos should have gone to IPhoto. When you plug in your camera, IPhoto should open up as it's transferring your pics. If you didn't click on the import button, they won't stick, but you can upload again... your photos will still be on your camera.
Hope this helps.

flwrjane said...

This is why I'll never be a cool kid.

xo J.

JuLee said...

Welcome to the cool side. You will love it here once you get used to it. Promise.

Jeska said...

The dark side is much brighter once you get fully involved. It's beautiful over here x