On splendour and inspiration

Last week I was chatting with a customer and lamenting the lack of splendour in the wedding world.

It is a world currently under the spell of "DIY" "budget" and "pom-pom" and "standing in fields"

which is wonderful if that's your thing, and you're not a cold and grumpy supplier wearing 3 thermal tops and uggs, and longing for a bit of glamour and who hates pinterest.

an hour later she returned with this book.

Actual tiaras, so very many of them, and so very many of them drawing inspiration from nature.

and so the cycle completes itself, as i take inspiration from these and swap the diamonds for flowers.

I am a woman on a mission.


Amy said...

Those are stunningly intricate. Really like the oak leaf-esque one. Can't wait to see what you come up with! It will definitely be better than the gerberas stuck through with crystals that seem to be acceptable substitutes for actual splendour in some reaches of the floral world.

Mrs Beard said...

That turquoise one is staggering.

I feel bad, I subjected you to one of your wedding trigger words.

Next time I'll Go Glamour.

I mean....not next time...erm...

Miss Pickering said...

Mrs Beard your pompoms did not resemble dead birds, they were actually round.

Amy I shudder at the thought

Mother Hen said...

What an amazing book, I wish for them all and foral interpretations too. Who needs a special occasion anyway? Xxx

The Monkey Flower Group said...

Beautiful and amen.

Mrs T-J said...

Stunning and so was Princess Margaret. I love the quirkiness of the coral one (is it coral?), the one with diamond feathers and yes the turquoise one with little acorns is gorgeous.

Await with baited breath Miss P xxx

Sarah Ryhanen said...

please send me all of these tiara's for a personal trial.
mailing address:
147 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY