a much maligned colour except at Easter

it is Easter this weekend apparently only it feels more like the depths of winter

I am over being cold, and wearing all the clothes, and chilblains and the garden being under a foot of snow.

When will it ever be warm again?

This is an actual question to anybody with knowledge and access to large weather charts.


flwrjane said...

It is so cold here and the shop seems to be without heat.

It doesn't get warm till 4:00PM.

I feel like I did come and visit you and am still there.

Where the #@#$** is spring?

xo Jane

Mrs T-J said...

I really really hope I can bring some Aussie sunshine home with me next week. Hang on in there, have really felt for everyone back home this winter, enough already! xxx

Kay said...

i tell everyone i am a size eight under all my layers of clothing....which of course is a total lie..the truth wil'out when and if the heat ever arrives..x

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Brrrrr, just what we need, a lot of cheerful yellow. I find it quite enveloping in this weather and love it. Minerva ~