Goldilocks and the three yellow roses

An ill fated quest to find the "perfect" yellow rose.

Ill fated because the "perfect" anything doesn't exist in the flora world. Perfect for that moment exists, and then you order the same flower in the following week and it has decided it might develop a deeper colour that week, just because it fancied being a bit different, a bit like me always wanting to dye my hair auburn.

So instead you have to make the perfect palette using a plethora of shades and tones and shapes. You don't have to do that, you could just bang out rose domes of all the same thing and it would take a third of the time, and you would probably make 3 times as much money.

My brain wants to put ALL the shades in.

I'm trying 3 out today.

Top Design - one of those roses is actually perfect, but there are 39 others that aren't. Annoying.
Caramel Antique - can do no wrong in my book, but only looks yellow if petalled, by the time it opens it has faded to champagne.
Shine - what sort of a name is that for a rose?, a spray, as yellow as they come, no tone just absolute yellow.

Mixing them all together is more pleasing but i think you need at least 3 other shades in there to make it work, and in different light they all look peach.

Yellow roses are a lot like men.

The search continues.


Debs Dust Bunny said...

I understand your professional perfectionism but I'd be thrilled with any or ALL of those! : )

Becca said...


I need not say which one I mean need I?


Mrs Beard said...

They all look perfect to me, which is why YOU are the florist and I am not.